P.S. & Co.™ x Free People

Oct 01, 2021My Store Admin

We've teamed up with Free People to bring you two of our delicious recipes! Check out how to make Organic Mac 'n Cheese, Organic Tofu Caesar Salad, and for dessert, Organic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches! 

Organic Vegan Tofu Caesar Salad


This delicious salad is has all the comfort and familiarity of a caesar salad with none of the bad stuff. Organic kale tossed with a vegan caesar dressing and topped with oven roasted tofu, pickled onions, and almond parmesan makes this salad hearty and nourishing without weighing you down!

Organic Vegan Mac 'n Cheese

With all the vegan cheese options available now, it's easy to make vegan mac 'n cheese. However, it's not that easy to make an organic, clean, and healthful vegan mac 'n cheese and it often involved a lot of trial and error to get the cheese sauce just right. Lucky for you, we did all the recipe testing and can present you with this recipe for a killer, clean, vegan mac 'n cheese.

Organic Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

It's not a meal unless there's dessert! Many summer childhood memories are filled with exciting trips to the ice cream shop or begging your parents for money for the ice cream truck. We wanted to recreate these fond memories but with a vegan twist! Our ice cream sandwich will satisfy all your summertime cravings without the belly ache after.

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