Reset and Recharge

Mar 01, 2023My Store Admin

In the era of smartphones, tablets, and laptops it can seem nearly impossible to unplug, unwind, and just be. We have information being thrown at us from every outlet imaginable at a pace that never allows us to catch up. How can you put your phone down when you’re reading about an important current event, an intriguing recipe, getting six-pack abs, or tips on parenting. And in addition to all of the information being thrown at us, we are watching everyone else’s experiences, accomplishments, personal highlights, and more. These can unfortunately hit us differently, triggering comparison thoughts, even if what we are seeing may be very curated for the social space. 

Carve out time for yourself

Try to prioritize your needs. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, it may be tough to take care of others or various obligations.

  • Morning - do you have a morning routine? A lot of people feel that if they stick to a healthy morning routine then the rest of the day tends to go a bit more smoothly. This could include:

  • Trying to get up at the same time every morning

  • Ignoring your phone / social media outlets

  • Drinking plenty of water before anything else

  • Working in a cold-pressed juice or nutrient-packed smoothie

  • Getting movement in first thing - walking, yoga, in person or online classes, etc.

  • Journaling your thoughts

  • Meditating on your own or following a guided meditation

  • Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea alone with your thoughts or with your spouse

  • Cooking or ordering a fibrous or protein-rich breakfast

  • Packing a nutritious lunch for work

  • Night - the night can bring on totally different activities and routines but it is important to prioritize yourself during this time. Nighttime routines can include:

  • Unplugging 1 or 2 hours before bed (phone, tv, tablets, etc.) and consider removing the television, and maybe even devices from the bedroom altogether.

  • Dimming the lights

  • Reading

  • Drinking herbal tea or golden milk

  • Taking a relaxing bath with your favorite salts, oils, or body scrubs

  • Creating a skincare routine that works for you - perhaps you work in a new oil-based serum or hydrating facial cream

  • Following a guided sleep meditation

  • Work on breathing exercises

  • Trying deep stretching or a slow-paced yoga class

  • Trying to go to bed at the same time every night

Be Present

When with co-workers, family, friends, try to really listen when they speak. We are running at max speed these days with technology, jobs, and the noise that it all brings. So, when we are talking to someone, really try to be present and listen to them. Now this doesn’t mean it should always be a one-sided conversation. Your conversation partner should allow you the time to speak and they should be present with you as well. This small act can really change the way we receive information and are there for the most important people and obligations in our lives. Being present doesn’t stop at conversations though. Try to be more present with each job task, hobby, workout, and book you read. Have you noticed that some people immediately grab their phones while watching movies? You cannot fully grasp what you are seeing/learning/hearing on either side when this happens. The same can happen when out to dinner, on the train, at work, in class, and at a museum. Being present is the perfect way to form new, healthy habits.


This time of year could bring up a lot of feelings. We aren’t getting the warmth and sunshine that tends to brighten our days and moods. We may be lagging on New Year's resolutions but getting an itch for that seasonal change coming up.

Some things that our shop, P.S. & Co. can do to help!

  • We offer a 100% organic, gluten-free, plant-based menu full of nutrient-dense savory and sweet options to help you stick to your nutrition goals.

  • We hold events, classes, and even created an eBook on Meal Planning! It’s a complete guide to meal prep, planning, grocery shopping, food storage, and more! Learn how to plan out your meals so you always have health, plant-rich options ready to go.

  • We are holding an Adventure Wellness Retreat in Chamonix, France this July! Just some adventures and experiences included in our retreat are:

  • 6 Nights / 7 Days at a luxurious mountain home in Chamonix, France within 15-minute walking distance from main street for peaceful and quiet evenings.

  • Private chef-prepared, organic, plant-rich, gluten-free - all meals provided with options to try local restaurants on 2 evenings.

  • Customized daily workouts including 2x/daily yoga, daily 4-6 hours of fast hiking/trail running in 3 countries: France, Italy and Switzerland.

  • An array of organic Rishi herbal teas to help keep you grounded

  • Our Organic Turmeric Latte for an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting soothing non-caffeinated beverage:

  • House-made mix of turmeric and spices, with creamy coconut milk, and lightly sweetened using coconut sugar.

  • We’ve partnered with Philly local clean and vegan skincare company, Franklin and Whitman - perfect for your nightly skincare routine! Their clay masks make for a wonderful option for a relaxing night in. We even have our own F+W x P.S. & Co. candle line! What better way to unwind.

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