P.S. & Co.’s Pisces Season Playlist

Feb 22, 2023My Store Admin

And what you should snack on while listening…

Feeling dreamy and wistful? Or maybe just feeling it ALL? It’s Pisces season! Open up your third eye with our specially curated playlist to be the soundtrack to this very deeply emotional, occasionally dramatic, and dreamy season. A water sign represented by the fish, Pisces is the last sign of the 12 zodiac signs and is often referred to as the “oldest” sign, positioning Pisces as wiser and sometimes more all-seeing than the other signs. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, making them the dreamers of the zodiac! On the flip side though, sometimes this can lead to being a bit removed from reality. You’ll often find them working on their creative endeavors in solitude, or people watching in the corner of the club. We want to set the scene for you with suggestions of when to listen, where to listen, and what 100% organic vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and kosher snacks to enjoy so you can get the full Pisces experience.

Set the Scene

When: Whatever time of day you prefer to zone out or daydream. Maybe in the morning as you get ready, midday when it all becomes too much, or in the evening when you’re trying to wind down. If you’d like to include a friend, Pisces vibes best with fellow water signs Scorpio and Cancer, and the earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

Where: Somewhere very cozy and private. Pisces really treasure alone time where they can fully decompress and sort through all of their thoughts and feelings. Alternatively try this playlist at a pregame, we know you have two modes Pisces - last one up at the party or never showed up to the party at all. 


What (to eat): As a water sign, Pisces gives off a very light and muted energy so we suggest pairing something light and hydrating, like our coconut water poured from freshly cracked Thai young coconuts and an Organic Thumbprint Cookie.


Pisces Fun Fact: Pisces is associated with the feet and lymphatic system. It makes sense Pisces would rule the connecting forces in the body given that Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. Support a healthy lymphatic system with leafy greens, omega-3s, and clean oils (such as cold-pressed olive oil or coconut oil). Try our Avocado Toast which is piled high with mashed avocado which is an excellent source of omega-3s!

Peaceful Pisces Playlist

  1. Praying by Kesha: As a person and an artist Kesha had a difficult road through the start of her career. Since coming back, and being totally free to make the music she wants to make, and she has released some of the most touching and emotive songs that truly make you feel her Pisces energy. This song is deeply personal for her, don’t be surprised if you find yourself tearing up when you listen (classic Pisces).

  2. Surrender My Heart by Carly Rae Jepson: A dramatic and epic love song - what could be more Pisces? Carly is a Scorpio, one of Pisces most compatible signs, in addition to being a water sign; so she knows a thing or two about writing a dreamy, emotional, and intense bop. The song has a positive lightness that really encapsulates the spirit of Pisces. We dare you not to get whisked away by this dreamy pop song.

  3. Love On The Brain by Rihanna: It just couldn’t be a complete Pisces Playlist without one of the most well-known Pisces around, Bad Girl RiRi. In this slightly nostalgic ballad, she shows off the depth of her vocal skills and it’s such a treat! Of course, the lyrics of this dramatic love song are also a big Pisces mood.

  4. Purge The Poison by MARINA: We love this song because it highlights a Pisces trait other than being dreamy, dramatic, and love obsessed. They’re one of the most magical signs in the zodiac! Being the “oldest” and wisest sign, and being ruled by whimsical Neptune, Pisces are often able to see beyond the surface and tap into a deeper meaning, and a more magical reality. Building off their predecessor, Aquarius the sign of humanitarianism, Pisces is also concerned with peace, love, and all things equitable.

  5. Beautiful (night 4 a) breakdown by Alaska: Winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, Alaska, is Pisces to the core. Whether it be her infamous meltdown on the show, or her off-beat, satirical pop songs, Alaska can usually be found flaunting her Pisces traits. We would call “beautiful (night 4 a) breakdown” a parody of early 2000s pop music but it’s actually a serious bop and calling it a parody just doesn’t do it justice. Please note, this is no offense to Pisces, wearing your emotions on your sleeve can be a good thing! Go ahead, have that breakdown, we all need it sometimes.

So stay out late partying or stay in for a few weeks days, however the spirit moves you, we wish you a dreamy Pisces season! Check out our full Pisces Playlist on Spotify!

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