28 Days of Sustainable Actions: Part 4

Feb 22, 2023My Store Admin

Day 22

Organize community and/or block clean ups.

Some Philadelphia neighborhoods, unfortunately, don’t have street cleaning so that requires a little more work from the residents of the block. A lot of blocks in these neighborhoods have a block captain and they would be the ones to contact about block clean ups. Block clean ups are a great way to clean up the community and get to know your neighbors at the same time. They can also be a resource for adding plants, lights, trees, and other additions onto the street!

Day 23

Buy bulk grains, nuts, seeds, etc.

Buying bulk is a great way to cut down on unnecessary waste and save money all at the same time!

Many grocery stores have bulk food sections where you can stock up on nuts, seeds, grains, spices, beans, and legumes. You can bring your own reusable bags or use one offered and fill up on all of your pantry needs.

  • Pro-Tip: Hit up international markets to stock up on big bags of rices, dried beans, and spices. You’ll also find a much more diverse selection of dry goods at these stores. 

A Few Philly favorites:

  • International Foods & Spices at 4203 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

  • Heng Fa Food Market at 130 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

  • AsianFresh Food Market at 142 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

  • Hung Vuong Supermarket at 1122 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Day 24

Go paperless.

Do you get bombarded with junk mail? Even when we don’t sign up for them, they still make their way to the house. Good thing is that some of these are preventable. Check in with your bank, subscriptions, and doctor’s offices to see if you can enroll in paperless billing. It will really help to cut down on unnecessary paper. You’re most likely already doing all of your billing online anyways, right?

Day 25

Consider using wind energy

Check to see if your state allows you to choose your electricity supplier. You may be able to pick from a greener source of electricity that generates at least half of its power from solar, wind, and other sustainable, clean energy sources. You may also consider installing roof solar panels as an alternative. Cutting down on fossil fuels can help to protect our environment, slow climate change, and decrease one’s carbon footprint.

  • P.S. & Co. has been 100% wind powered since we opened in 2014!

Day 26

Check your food labels!

We’ve already touched on the importance of eating organic and the label, “certified organic.” Organic farming is sustainable for many reasons, most importantly being the lack of pesticides used in the process. It enables a process used which promotes biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. Pesticides can cause harm to our farmers, wildlife, land, water, and surrounding communities. But there is more to look out for on food labels including “Fair Trade” certified which supports companies who put a preface on fair wages, sustainability, and equitable trade relationships. “Shade Grown” coffee benefits forest habitats for migratory birds who are increasingly threatened by deforestation.

  • Our entire menu at P.S. & Co. is organic! It’s rare for an entire restaurant to be organic. Our team goes above and beyond to source high quality organic ingredients from trusted vendors and farmers.

Day 27

Get involved with local politics.

Feeling like you don't have much of a voice when it comes to larger climate-related decisions? Try getting involved with local politics and community gatherings. You will notice that starting within your city or town, including individual lifestyle changes, will empower you to be a part of the larger changes that affect our environment.

Day 28

Ditch coffee pods or opt for eco-friendly ones!

Coffee pods have become all the rage this past decade or so and like most things that become popular, it’s for the sake of convenience. However, with this convenience came a lot of unnecessary waste! If you don’t want to switch over to a French press, slow drip, or regular coffee maker, there are more sustainable options to keep your Keurig. There are options such as the Keurig Universal Reusable Coffee Filter or compostable k-cups such as this San Francisco Bay Coffee brand.

We hope you enjoyed this month of sustainability tips and tricks! It may seem like these little changes won’t make a difference but believe us, they will - it starts with individuals. We are proud to provide an all organic, plant-based menu so even stopping by to support a local business like ours to grab a cookie is a step in the right direction. Three bolded tips right there!

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