28 Days of Sustainable Actions: Part 3

Feb 15, 2023My Store Admin

Days 15-21

Day 15

Shop farmers markets


Farmers markets are a great way to eat seasonally and locally. They allow customers to get to know local farmers and support their businesses. If the farmers selling at the markets are in fact local, which most of them should be - then you can truly get to see what is in season. This allows for the freshest and most delicious selection of produce. What’s sustainable about the markets? There is far less travel required to sell to locals than some of the produce you may see at the grocery store that can be shipped from thousands of miles away, increasing carbon emissions. Fewer pesticides may be used as well considering they do not need to be stored in warehouses or sustain long travel through various climates.

The photo shown of a Dole fruit cup that went viral recently depicts our current food system and how much unnecessary travel is actually being done in order for a sale. Pears grown in Argentina and packed in Thailand and then shipped off again to be sold in the U.S. And all freshness of said pears are completely stripped. 


Philadelphia Year-Round Farmers Markets

  • Fairmount on 22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue

  • Clark Park in West Philly on 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue

  • Filter Square on 23rd Street and Pine Street

  • Headhouse on 2nd and Lombard

Day 16

Check out local composting options.


Composting is a great way to give back to nature in the most sustainable way. No room for a compost pile in your backyard? Check out local composting companies that will actually come to your front stoop and pick up your bucket of compost!


Philadelphia Composting Companies

Day 17

Work more organic options into your diet.

Organic produce provides the most natural state of the plant. Organic farming is sustainable for many reasons, most importantly being the lack of pesticides used in the process. It enables a process used which promotes biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. Biodiversity, in part, is the result of a wide variety of plants being used which allows for a higher quality of soil and reduced pollution from run offs of pesticides and fertilizers. Regenerative organic farming assists with biodiversity of the land. Without chemicals used, strong crops rich in nutrients and microorganisms let the soil, and therefore, the plant life thrive. A common misconception is that pesticides and chemicals can be washed off but they ultimately grow within the plants themselves. Organic produce does tend to be more expensive but it doesn’t have to be that way. The more we as a society take on this kind of farming, the more accessible it becomes.


P.S. & Co. Organic Offerings

  • Our entire menu at P.S. & Co. is organic! Yes, it’s a rare thing to find but our team goes above and beyond to source high quality organic ingredients. Our greens? Organic. Our nuts? Organic. Our wi-fi? Just kidding, we don’t give that out. ;)

Day 18

Sign up for street trees throughout the city.


Enjoy a little shade while adding to the tree count of our Philadelphia streets! Yes, you can request a tree through the City of Philadelphia. The owner of the property does however have to sign off on the idea!


Day 19

Ditch face wipes


Seems like a simple ask but face wipes were created as a quick and easy way to wipe the day off your face even at your sleepiest, “I don’t want to get ready for bed” state. However, they are incredibly bad for the environment. A washcloth, muslin cloth, or just using your hands is a far more sustainable alternative. Try to give yourself a few extra minutes at the end of the night for your skincare routine and cut down on the unnecessary waste!


Day 20

Keep your lights dim or off when not using.


Another simple task but turning off the lights can be easily overlooked. When you’re not needing them at home, make a conscious effort to turn off the lights or put them on a dimmer. Try opening up the curtains and blinds more to let some natural light in and notice the difference!

Day 21

Bring a reusable water bottle with you.


Bringing a reusable water bottle with you when you’re out and about cuts down the urge for a quick water bottle purchase. There are also some refill stations around the city to help with your sustainability efforts including throughout Fairmount Park and the Schuylkill Banks.

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