Favorite Dishes Inspired by...


Join us on Saturday, June 10th as we bring the magic of

Taiwanese food culture to our cozy shop on Locust Street.

Each course is inspired by the flavors and textures of my time in Taiwan!

Living in Taipei was one of the best times of my life. The people, the

food, the nightlife. Here, we recreate my favorite eats!

4 Courses + Lucky Bonus Treat
Prix-Fixe Dinner:

Enjoy the moments of my all-time Taiwanese night market snacks

presented in multiple courses. Flavors will be intense, spicy

and authentic to the culture of Taiwan.

First course:

Organic "Omelette" Scallion Pancakes

with yuzu vinegar tamari dipping sauce.

Second course:

Organic Dan Dan Zucchini Noodles + Stinky Tofu for those who Dare!

a healthier twist to dan dan noodles,

and stinky tofu that has been fermented and fried just like the night market stalls

Third course:

Organic Sticky Rice Zongzi

with braised mushrooms, roasted nuts, pickled mustard greens

wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Fourth course:

Organic Ice Cream Sundaes

Taiwanese style!

Lucky Bonus Treat:

As usual, no good ending on the number 4!

Please take home a bonus treat.

Additional Info

The menu for the Taiwanese Night Market dinner will be...

- 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free, kosher and free of refined sugars.  

- Soy will be present 


- If you have any food allergies beyond our parameters, dislike cilantro or intense flavors,

sensitive to heat/spice (chilis), please refrain from booking this event.  

- We politely decline modification requests.  

- Minimum 5 days cancellation notice.

Refunds will not be available with fewer than 5 days notice.

*We are handicap accessible with a private ramp through the back entrance of the


Questions? info@psandco.com