Why P.S. & Co. is the Perfect Fit for Your Special Day

Oct 13, 2022My Store Admin

P.S. & Co. is your go-to shop for your freshly brewed coffee and muffin run, to come in and catch up with a friend over lunch, or a place to come and grab a post-workout smoothie. But did you know that we also specialize in celebration cakes, ie. wedding, birthday, graduation, Fridays, you get the gist. Yes, we understand how difficult it is for our guests to find gluten-free, organic, plant-based, and kosher cakes all in one. Even though we do sell our rotating cake slices daily, we love to take custom cake orders for your special day.


Wedding Cakes


Our helpful team and pastry chef are happy to work with you to create the perfect, unique cake custom-tailored for your big day. We craft wedding cakes of all sizes and even provide a cheat sheet to walk you through the basics to ease any decision making.

Included are our design options:




Includes simple classic design styles such as naked cakes.

Includes more detailed design elements.

A completely customized cake including any specialty designs and/or design elements.

When brainstorming ideas for your wedding cake, our talented team is here for any helpful suggestions. By filling out our inquiry form, we can have a better understanding of what you are looking for. We offer tastings in the form of cupcakes - so fun, right? You get to choose three cake flavors, three creams of your choice, a sample of vanilla buttercream, and any three fillings.


Looking for a special gluten-free or plant-based option for just a couple wedding guests? We offer smaller cakes that can be served aside your main wedding cake as an option!


Celebration Cakes

Celebration cakes are available for your next birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, etc. with 72 hours notice. We currently have twelve cakes to choose from with some options for complementary flavors and/or inscriptions as well. A couple of our current combinations include: Organic Earl Grey Cake with Lemon Curd, Vanilla Cream, Earl Grey Caramel, and Earl Grey Buttercream or Organic Pumpkin Cake with Sweet Potato Cream, Vanilla Cream, and Cinnamon Cardamom Buttercream. Not your average simple bakery flavors…


Zodiac Cakes


We have a cake available to purchase for each zodiac sign. Each cake is specially crafted to reflect the traits of your (or a friend’s) personal zodiac sign. These impeccably aligned cake options are brought to you by Marisa Mancinelli and astrologer, Melissa Genaro (@melissastarzastrology).

We help to describe why each specific flavor was chosen, ex: Libra Organic Pumpkin Cake with Vanilla Coffee Cream Filling, and Cinnamon Cardamom Buttercream Outer: Trendy, warm, and always popular, with a perfect balance of spices for the Libra who loves to be loved.


"Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and is represented by the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Yes, Libra is the sign of beauty, love, social etiquette, the arts, and justice. This sign can charm the birds out of the trees. They understand two heads are better than one and live by the words: 'Teamwork makes the dream work.'" - @MelissaStarzAstrology


In addition to cake options, our Wedding & Custom Experience Coordinator, Marisa, curates entertaining and perfectly symphonic zodiac playlists each month on Spotify, then writes about them on our blog. Marisa helps the reader set the scene and get into the mindset of whichever zodiac season it may be by offering suggestions such as what to eat and why. She goes into great detail about why she chose the songs she did and how they specifically relate to the sign being written about.


LA FAMA by Rosalía feat. The Weeknd: As a Libra, Rosalía has cultivated a vibe, style, and sound that is distinctively hers. On the song “LA FAMA”, from her latest album MOTOMAMI, she teams up with fellow air sign The Weeknd (Aquarius) to create an enchanting song filled with Libra-esque themes of hopeless romanticism and fame.


Baked Goods


We also offer baked goods by the dozen for your special events in addition to cakes. This includes brownies, cinnamon rolls, scones, banana bread, and more. Talk about the perfect mix for your next brunch. Baked goods also require a 72 hour notice and can be ordered right off of our website.

Come check out our wide selection of options for your next event. Our cakes and small baked goods are made with clean, carefully selected, organic ingredients that are always crowd pleasers.

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