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When we pulled these from the menu, so many of you shared you miss this cookie. Our Christmas gift to all of you is the recipe for the SEA SALT Chocolate Chip Cookie!


Here's the twelfth and final recipe of our 12 Days of P.S & Co.™ Cookie Recipes.  Let's make this one like the pros and use a food scale.  Once you bake with a scale, you'll never want to use measuring cups again!

Yields about 48 cookies.



Wet ingredients

400 grams very dark maple syrup

293 grams organic coconut oil

24 grams unsweetened vanilla extract


Dry ingredients

1256 grams organic almond flour

796 grams organic brown rice flour

330 grams organic coconut sugar

330 grams organic maple sugar

15 grams baking powder

16 grams sea salt



227 grams of Miyoko's organic salted butter (not melted, but cut into chunks)


Flax Egg

116 grams organic flax, ground

680 grams filtered water



800 grams organic dairy-free chocolate chips

400 grams organic raw, unsalted pecans (can also use salted and roasted if you prefer), roughly chopped.



1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  Combine all dry ingredients (except for the flax and sugars) in a food processor. Pulse to combine.

3. Make flax egg by mixing ground flax with water in a separate, small bowl. Allow to sit for about 10 minutes at room temperature or until it thickens.

4. With a handheld mixer or KitchenAid, cream the butter with sugar and set aside.

5. Add the flax egg to the cream/sugar mixture and mix until combined; then add remaining wet ingredients.

6. Add the wet mixture to your larger bowl containing dry ingredients and combine.

7. Add chocolate chips and chopped pecans to the above mixture.

7. How large or small would you like your chocolate chip cookies?  Baker’s choice!  Use an ice cream scoop and portion onto parchment lined sheet trays. 

8.  Flatted the cookies a bit so they don’t look like ice cream scoops.  Top with coarse salt – I love chunky pink salt for that little pop of color.

9.  Bake for about 8-10 minutes or until edges start to look golden and tops begin to crack.  Cookies will slightly puff as they bake. (Please keep in mind, the larger the cookie, the longer the bake time and vice versa.)

10. Set on rack and cool to room temperature. 

11.  Enjoy at room temperature for soft, chewy texture.

12. Store the rest in the fridge if consuming within 2-3 days. Store in freezer if you'd like to savor these over weeks. Allow the cookie to come to room temperature for a softer cookie.

Happy baking and drop a comment if you have questions or just to let me know how these cookies turned out for you!


Thank you for following along our 12 days of P.S. & Cookie Recipes and hope these recipes inspire your own healthful baking at home. - Andrea

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