P.S. & Co. Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Dec 03, 2021My Store Admin

For the friend who is most likely to go on a wellness retreat

Everyday Raglan Pullover by Grocery Apparel - Grocery Apparel uses the non-toxic and recycled approach. They use dyes pulled directly from plants You can actually shop by ingredient; meaning your purchase could be made from hemp or eucalyptus and dyed with carrot tops, coffee grounds, pomegranate, or weld flowers


Curated Meal Plans by P.S. & Co. - Shop our meal plans at the P.S.& Co. curated just for you! Whether you are a new mom, working on nutrition and fitness goals, or are recovering from surgery, we’ve got a healing, plant-powered plan for your specific lifestyle.


Ghia non-alcoholic apéritif sold at Cork - Local to Philadelphia, Cork has a wide range of non-alcoholic options, wines, cookbooks, entertaining pieces, and more! Ghia is perfect for an herbal holiday apéritif made with pure natural extracts, plants, and botanicals.


Relaxation Set by Terra Luna - Another local business, this set is perfect for one who puts an emphasis on slowing down in a chaotic world. Sip tea, breathe, burn sage, and let the worries disappear.


For the friend who’s best friend is coffee

Gift Card for P.S. & Co. - This online gift card is great for the person in your life who loves a plant-packed, gluten-free treat. Explore our daily baked goods and beverages such as savory scones, specialty cake slices and cupcakes, hot chocolate, and cookies. What more could you ask for in the winter months?


The Hard Crowd Essays by: Rachel Kushner sold at Joseph Fox bookshop - Joseph Fox bookshop, a Philly favorite has a beautifully curated shop. Explore their extensive selection including this 2021 anthology of essays. “The Hard Crowd is wild, wide-ranging, and unsparingly intelligent throughout.” - Taylor Antrim, Vogue


Holiday Cookie Tin by P.S. & Co. - Everyone’s favorite cookie tin is back! Surprise your friends and family with a thoughtful selection of organic classic cookies, teas, and our house-made hot chocolate.


Botanist Pour Over Coffee Stand sold at Kaufmann Mercantile - For someone who appreciates a slow drip coffee ritual. This pour-over coffee stand is beautiful, minimal, and makes for a great addition to a loved one’s kitchen.


For the friend who is living that low-waste lifestyle

Skinny Dipt Scrap Dyed Tea Towel sold at Good Buy Supply - Just celebrating their year anniversary, Good Buy Supply is a Philadelphia must for everything sustainable. These scrap-dyed tea towels are made by another local brand, Skinny Dipt, who uses natural dyes such as onion skins and avocados!


Kitchen Prep Makeover by P.S. & Co. - Give the gift of a kitchen re-boot! We come to your house (or a friend’s) and stock your fridge and pantry with the essentials to have everything at your fingertips. We’ll leave your kitchen beautifully organized, carefully stored for maximum freshness, and will walk you through the accessibility of a clean, plant-based lifestyle.


Silpat Baking Mat sold at Good Buy Supply - A must for any baker or cook in your life! Keep your post-dinner clean-up to a minimum with these mats. They also add the extra benefit of a zero-stick baking experience without needing excess oils.


Bamboo Utensil Kit sold at Good Buy Supply - A reusable utensil kit is perfect for anyone on the go! A wonderful choice for a sustainable, plastic-free option makes your lunch break just that much better.


For the friend who shops for produce in their own garden

Tea Pot Plants sold at P.S. & Co. - A sweet gift for someone who loves a home full of plants. Hand-planted at P.S.&Co., you not only get a beautiful plant or herb, but a brightly colored Falcon enamel teapot from London.


Momma Pots Cylinder Planter sold at Cloris and Prase - Located in South Philly, Cloris and Prase have a very special selection of plants, planters, and accessories. Give the gift of a planter that comes in a wide range of carefully selected colors.


Frieling Cast Iron Spice Grinder sold at Food52 - A heavy-duty, yet minimal spice grinder. For those in your life who appreciate cooking, flavor, and spice!


Barebones Living Spade sold at Terra Luna - A gift for those with a green thumb. Whether they are planting house plants, having an urban garden, or a large backyard, this is a sleek and useful gift for a beginner, expert, or anyone in between.


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