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Grain-free, organic, gluten-gree, vegan... what could possible be in this cookie you might be thinking? This cookie is one of my favorites and inspired a handful of other cookie recipes that I'll be sharing this week. It's so clean, full of healthful ingredients and tastes so satisfying. I can't eat another energy bar, protein bar, or any kind of packaged snack TBH!

I've consumed more bars than I count from all of the hiking/trail running trips the past two years. There are so many wonderful options, but nothing beats fresh, am I right?

Here we go with the first of twelve P.S. & Co.™ cookie recipes dropping this holiday season.

Yields about 30 large cookies.



Wet ingredients

1 cup very dark maple syrup (maple syrup is naturally organic, so no need to pay for the organic label)

1 cup organic roasted almond butter, unsalted

1 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla extract (vanilla extract is also naturally organic, also no need to pay for the organic label)

Dry ingredients

4 ½ cups organic almond flour

1 ½ tsp sea salt



10 oz melted organic dark, dairy-free chocolate (for dipping)



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and line sheet tray with parchment. 

  2. In stand mixer, use paddle attachment to combine maple syrup, almond butter and vanilla.  

  3. In small bowl, mix almond flour and sea salt.

  4. Slowly combine the dry ingredients into the wet. Mix thoroughly.  Scrape clean the sides and bottom of bowl as needed.  Dough should be slightly wet to touch, but not sticky.  Add 1 cup of almond flour at a time. You may not need all 4.5 cups. Look for a moist consistency that is firm to the touch, but soft enough to press with ease without forming cracks in the dough.

  5. Grab an ice cream scoop (doesn't matter the size, a large scoop yields a large cookie, a small scoop yields a smaller cookie. Use what you have!)

  6. I like to use a measuring cup, line the bottom with a square of parchment paper, and press each cookie scoop to about 1/4" thickness. The measuring cup makes a pretty perfect circle.

  7. Bake for about 6-8 minutes or until outer edges are golden brown.  Cookies will slightly puff as they bake. Cool to room temperature or place in refrigerator to cool quickly.  Wrap or place in the freezer to harden. (Please keep in mind, the large the cookie, the longer the bake time and vice versa.

  8. While cookies are cooling or after the cookies are frozen, melt dark chocolate over a double-boiler (or microwave if you prefer, but make sure not to burn the chocolate.)

  9. Line cookie sheet trays with parchment.

  10. Dip cookies around the edges in chocolate (or however as you prefer).

  11. Place cookies dipped in chocolate on parchment and place in refrigerator/freezer again to set up and store.


These cookies are delicious at room temperature as a soft cookie or chilled as a chewy cookie. I personally love snacking on these out of the freezer! Make one batch and have it last for weeks to enjoy as you please. The perfect nutrient-dense snack or fuel for hikes/runs/working out or anytime.


Happy baking and drop a comment if you have questions or just to let me know how these cookies turned out for you! - Andrea

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