5 Healthy Habits to Live By!

Sep 10, 2021My Store Admin

1. Move Every Day. My movement of choice these days is walking as much as possible and attending as many ballet classes as my schedule allows with Kip Martin at Symmetry Dance Wellness. Kip will whip your out-of-shape, aging body with his rigorous Adult Ballet Classes. Interested in private sessions? Book him ASAP. Privates are only $65/session right now. In our privates, Kip has been helping my stiff body with side and straddle splits – starting from zero flexibility!

2. Relaxation. Whether it's a daily meditation or an hour of interrupted time for yourself, I'm a fan of Thrive Pilates with Hally Bayer and CorePower Yoga.


The monthly packages are a deal if you’re like me and go 1-2x/day. When I can’t make it to the studios, or I’m out of town traveling, I still get my sessions in by joining their live, Zoom classes. After a 20-year hiatus from yoga, these classes have me hooked. Both create a wonderful space to peace out from hectic schedules. These sessions have improved my mental and physical wellbeing in ways I’ve never seen before!


3. Build Strength. I love my make-shift gym crammed into my home office! I’ve been working with Sam Shorkey (world’s first natural vegan bikini competitor winner!) who’s helping me dominate push-ups, get closer to my pull-up goals, and shredding extra weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Strength training is helping me feel younger, increasing my energy, and helping me burn all the P.S. & Co. desserts I enjoy eating every day! (Photo credit: Sam Shorkey from Jacked on the Beanstalk.)


4. Tracking Macros. Have trouble shedding unwanted pounds or wanting to maintain? I used to blame my age for weight struggles because I generally eat so healthy. I didn’t realize how much I was over-eating until I tracked my daily intake. It’s a pain in the beginning, but now I don’t need to track every bite. Understanding macros helped me to eat intuitively without the need to restrict meals or ever feel like I’m on a diet. Understanding what and how much I was eating all came to light when I learned to track macros. We’re building a meal plan service customized to a person’s macros. If you’re interested in having P.S. & Co. help you with macro meal plans, please send us an email at info@puresweets.com!


5. Sleep. Functioning with 4 hours of sleep isn’t a badge of honor! Sleep training myself to get at least 7-8 hours/night has done wonders for my energy and staying mentally sharp throughout the day. Consistent, sound sleep also helps with clear hunger and satiety cues. Tuffy is also a great sleeper, and is always ready to join in on zzzzz's.


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