The Plant Cure

6 Days of Organic Plant-Rich Breakfasts


Our selection of protein-rich breakfasts for those who enjoy breakfast!

Approximately 6 servings per order.

  • Two 12oz servings of Amaranth Porridge (grain-free) with Fresh Jam and Caramelized Pecans (no berries included, to be added at your discretion)
  • Two 9oz servings of Hand-Scooped Coconut Yogurt with Fresh Jam and Nut & Seed Muesli
  • Two 12oz servings of Maca Chia Pudding with Fresh Jam (no berries included, to be added at your discretion)


Pick Up Info:

Please allow for 5-10 minutes for you and our staff to visually double-check your order upon arrival to ensure accuracy. Guests may also waive this service with the understanding that if there are mistakes or discrepancies to your order, we will not be able to correct or issue refunds after the order leaves the shop. 


: warming, grain-free porridge made with omega-3 rich
amaranth seeds.  All organic ingredients: amaranth, brazil nut milk
(brazil nuts, Vero water), cold-pressed ginger juice, cinnamon, cardamom,
maple syrup, sea salt.  Served with caramelized pecans
(pecans,  maple syrup, sea salt) and fresh seasonal


Coconut Yogurt: hand-scopped yogurt
made from fresh coconut meat (not milk!).  All organic ingredients:
thai young coconut meat, cold-pressed lemon juice, maple syrup, vanilla, Vero
water, sea salt.  Served with fresh jam (seasonal fruit, cold-pressed
lemon juice, maple sugar).


Maca Chia Pudding: overnight chia
pudding made with coconut milk, hemp seeds, flax seeds and maca.  All
organic ingredients: coconut milk (coconut, Filtered water), maca powder,
black chia seeds, coconut milk, hemp, flax. Topped with seasonal fresh


must acknowledge all allergen concerns before purchase.  We do not
offer refunds due to undisclosed allergy concerns, improper storage of our
meals or missed pick-up day.


Due to the perishable nature and food safety standards, all sales
are final.  We stand by our products and do not offer refunds,
returns, exchanges, or anything free. 


All goods are made in a an organic, gluten-free, plant-based
kitchen, in which nuts, soy and corn may be present in our
kitchen.  There is a possibility of cross-contamination. 
We are not an allergen-safe kitchen.


Purchase from this website confirms your acceptance of these
terms. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE


If you experience any problems with your order, please contact us