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Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake


 Organic Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

Organic Pumpkin Cake with Espresso Vanilla Cream & Pumpkin Cream filling, with a Cinnamon Cardamom Buttercream Outer


**Each custom cake is hand decorated by our pastry chef as a unique and special item. Photos shown are for reference, and designs will vary. If you have design requests, please note them when ordering. 


All ingredients are organic.  No baking powder (or corn starch) is used in our cakes.  Creams are sweetened with organic maple syrup.  Buttercreams are sweetened with organic powdered sugar. Curds contain cornstarch., Cakes are sweetened with organic coconut or organic maple sugar. 


Pick-up only.  We require a minimum of 4 business days.

*Cakes are ready for pick-up between 10am-4pm*

Pumpkin Cake

100% Organic Ingredients: almond flour, oat flour, 
coconut sugar, coconut milk, pumpkin puree, cold-pressed olive oil, tapioca
clour, vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean,) apple
cider vinegar (organic, raw apple cider vinegar, purified water), flax
seed, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, sea


Organic Pumpkin Cream

100% Organic Ingredients: pumpkin purée, sweet potato purée,
Lancaster maple syrup, coconut oil, cashews, sea salt, vanilla extract
(water, 35% alcohol extract, vanilla bean), cold pressed ginger juice,
organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg


Organic Espresso Vanilla

100% Organic Ingredients: cashews, coconut butter, Lancaster maple
syrup, Vibrant Roasters Dark Vibes coffee, organic coconut milk (coconut,
purified water, organic guar gum), vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35%
extract, vanilla bean), sea salt


Organic Cinnamon Cardamom

100% Organic Ingredients: Miyoko’s butter (coconut oil,
filtered water, sunflower oil, cashews, sunflower lecithin, sea salt
cultures),  powdered sugar (cane sugar, arrowroot starch), coconut
milk (coconut, purified water, organic guar gum), vanilla extract (water,
alcohol 35% extract, vanilla bean), cinnamon, cardamom, sea


Contains oats, almonds, brazil
nuts, and olive oil. 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free, corn-free,

Buyer must acknowledge all allergen concerns before purchase.  We do not offer refunds due to undisclosed allergy concerns or improper storage of our cakes. 


All of our cakes must be refrigerated overnight or until served.  Leaving at room temperature compromises the taste and quality of our cakes. 


Our products are custom made to order.  Due to the perishable nature and food safety standards, all sales are final.  We stand by our products and do not offer refunds, returns, exchanges, or anything free. 


All goods are made in an organic, gluten-free, plant-based kitchen, in which nuts, soy and corn may be present in our kitchen.  There is a possibility of cross-contamination.  We are not an allergen-safe kitchen.


Purchase from this website confirms your acceptance of these terms. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE ordering.  


If you experience any problems with your order, please contact us immediately. 


There is a $25 non-refundable deposit for custom cake orders. In the case of a cancellation, your method of payment may be refunded minus the $25 non-refundable deposit and processing fees, which we cannot recoup from our credit card processors. Orders can only be refunded if they are cancelled before our pastry team starts creating your custom cake. 

We require a minimum of 4 business days' notice from the time of order confirmation.

  •  Orders placed after 3pm will not be processed until the following business day.

If you're in a rush, please call during business hours or email after business hours, before placing your order. If you have questions regarding modifications, flavors, or ingredients, please call or email before placing your order.

Pick- up at P.S. & Co. at designated day/time.

1706 Locust St, Philadelphia PA, 19103

You will receive an email confirming your pick-up date and time within 48 hours of placing your order.

**Cakes, cupcakes, baked goods cannot be shipped**

Local delivery available at an additional cost by request. 

Cake slices per size

6" Cake Servings  = 8 - 10

8" Cake Servings = 12 - 18

10" Cake Servings = 20 - 24